Kasparov draws with boy (11)
Wesley Petersen & Malungelo Booi | 2 Hour(s) Ago

More than 20 learners from several Cape Town schools on Thursday went head-to-head with chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov.

He is in the country to open a foundation that uses chess to promote maths and science.

Eleven-year-old Daniel Barrish drew his match with Kasparov.

The former world chess champion played simultaneous matches, with 26 opponents, for over three hours.

Kasparov said, “There were lots of decent players. I drew with the one player after traveling the whole day from Moscow to Cape Town.”

Another learner Sakhe Mkosi said he knew he did not stand a chance against Kasparov.

“Going into the game I was nervous and excited. I knew that the likelihood of beating him would be low, but I gave it my all.”

Source: http://www.eyewitnessnews.co.za

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