The Azeri Grandamster Vugar Gashimov won the match against the Russian Evgeny

Tomashevsky and qualified to the 4th Round. Both chess players came to the press conference to speak about their battle.

— Vugar, what did you manage to do in the match better than your opponent?

Gashimov: I was aware what was going on at the chess board till the move 18, Ra7. I got an extra pawn. But from the other side Black received a good compensation: two Bishops and the pieces were well set up in principle. It is clear that we were both trying to play for a result. To my mind Black was closer to a draw than White to a victory.

— Evgeny, what did you learn from the World Cup?

Tomashevsky: It is difficult to say, I should analyze my games. In general I am happy with my performance. Indeed Vugar was stronger than me in this match. He solved the opening problems very easily and with White he managed to get an advantage, time advantage first of all. I just did not have enough time to solve my problems. I should have played more precisely, I was always put some problems to solve. Closer to move 40 I could not solve one of them. In fact one should play more games against such opponents like Gashimov. All problems and lacks that should be focused are clearly seen.

— Vugar, Spanish Grandmaster Vallejo Pons at his press conference called you the favorite of the World Cup. Do you agree with that?

Gashimov: I am very pleased that Paco thinks like that. We are club-mates — we play for the same club. Everyone has his own opinion and this is what he thinks.

Evgeny, what do you think? Would you bet for Gashimov?

Tomashevsky: I would not bet for anyone. Actually, Vugar has all the chances. However, there is a good dozen of extra class grandmasters playing in this tournament and they all have great chances.

— Vugar, who is your next opponent? Are you happy with your pairing?

Gashimov: I am not mistaken, the winner of the match Parligras — Nielsen. As for the pairings — it is hard to say. This is the type of tournament where everyone has to work hard in every game. One slight mistake can lead to the knock out.

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