I recently asked a Marketing / PR expert about how to get chess in the media. These are some of the recommendations from a seasoned professional.

1. Find out what is the media is looking for. Find the right angles and present it to them. It will take time to learn this but it can be done. Every chess event has a story. If you find the right compelling angle and present them properly, you will succeed.

2. Give them what they want but never show desperation. Explain to them why they should cover your story and how it can benefit them. Make it short, precise, professional and convincing. They will lose interest and drop it if it is too long or boring.

3. Make it as simple and easy as possible. Give them all the facts ASAP and sources where they can double check everything. All facts must be checked and verified. The less work they have to do, the better chance that they will cover it.

4. Follow up and offer to assist in any way you can. (Again, to make their job easier). Once they do what you want, follow up to thank them and keep the contacts open.

5. Give them all the credits they deserve. This is very important.

6. Update them with important updates but don’t be a pest. Give them the first scoop.

7. Be as professional as possible. Always keep your words and never be negative!

Do you agree? Do you have any additional tips? Posted by Picasa

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