TCEC stands for “Thoresen Chess Engines Competition”.

What if computer chess engines are given decent hardware and a healthy amount of thinking time at their disposal?

My aim with this project is to present high-quality chess played by computer chess engines of different strength. The goal is not to create a rating list that shows how strong engine X is relative to engine Y or Z after letting them play hundreds or even thousands of games. For that we have the excellent SWCR, IPON, CEGT and CCRL.General Information

Each game presented on this site is played with a time control of 40 moves in 100 minutes, the next 20 moves in 50 minutes, then finally 20 minutes for the rest plus 10 seconds added per move at this last time control. If an engine loses on time for various reasons the result will stand – hence the game will not be replayed. The openings are always limited to 12 moves or 24 plies when using either a pgn file or a neutral opening book. All evaluation displayed on the live pages are from white’s point of view.

Engine Configuration

Each engine is allowed to use up to ~4 GB of hash and is allowed to use up to all six cores of the processor, if this is supported. Pondering or “permanent brain” is not allowed in TCEC so it is always disabled. If an engine executable supports the pop_cnt instructions it will be preferred over the non-pop_cnt executable, the same applies to 64-bit builds being preferred over 32-bit builds. It is not allowed to change the engine configuration or parameters, so the default settings for each engine are always used. In general, most commercial and free engines are available in TCEC.

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