L to R: Rosen, Auger, Indusekar, Luo

13th seed University of Illinois – A (2227.0)

Eric S Rosen (2379) 1.0
Michael W Auger (2233) 1.0
Xin Luo (2202) 1.0
Akshay Indusekar (2094) 1.0

After losing to Webster University B team in the 2nd round, the U of I team scored 4 straight victories to make their 2nd consecutive Final Four! They finished ahead of big chess schools like UTD, UTB, TTU, etc.

Round 3: Win vs Texas Tech C (2092 average)
Round 4: Win vs Columbia A (2439 average)
Round 5: Win vs Lindenwood A (2414 average)
Round 6: Win vs Texas Tech B (2411 average)

Congratulations to these 4 clutch warriors!

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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