The War of Art: Chess Art for Chess Players
The artist who illustrated this chess drawing goes by the moniker Mimo Art. An avid chess player, this artist has been playing chess and creating art since high school.
However, his two passions had not blended together until around 2010 where, Mimo, first started to incorporate chess into his art.
Just like in chess, with many chess players and chess pieces, a drawing, painting, or song can be a war. The chess board is the battle ground in the game and the canvas or paper is the battle ground when creating art. The artist is trying to win the internal battle and tell the perfect story or express the emotions that the creation was intended to do.
In Mimo’s new chess artwork, “The War of Art: Chess Art for Chess Players”, he aims to provide the outside world with a view of what it’s like inside a chess players’ mind.
You can learn more about the chess drawing and purchase prints at his
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