It is Valentine’s Day. Therefore, I think it is appropriate to revisit the topic of strongest chess couples in the world. Which are the top 20 strongest chess couples today? Here are some more well known couples:

GM Alexander Grischuk and IM Natalia Zhukova
GM Mohammad Al-Moldiakhi and GM Zhu Chen
GM Bartosz Socko and IM Monica Socko
GM Laurent Fressinet and IM Almira Skripchenko
GM Wu Shaobin and GM Xie Jun
GM Daniel Fridman and IM Anna Zatonskih
GM Yona Kosashvili and IM Sofia Polgar
GM Juan Bellon and GM Pia Cramling
GM Sergei Movsessian and WGM Petra Krupkova
GM Boris Gulko and WGM Anna Akhsrumova
GM Pascal Charbonneau and IM Irina Krush
GM Dibyendu Barua and WGM Saheli Dhar Barua
GM Suat Atalik and WGM Ekaterina Atalik
GM Alex Yermolinsky and WGM Camilla Baginskaite
GM Pravin Thipsay and WGM Bhagyasree Thipsay

Can you add more couples to this list? (The couple must still be together to be on this list)

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