Now that some of the USCF voting members have received their ballots (most still do not have them), lies, lies and more lies are starting to pop up in the USCF forums and various newsgroups hoping to confuse the voters while trying the hide the troubling state of the USCF.

This is the win at all cost election by the people who are desperately trying to maintain their power and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish this including physical threats to my children and I, legal threats to my husband and I and daily insults and attacks.

None and I mean none of the board members spoke out against this kind of classless tactic. In fact, some even helped fuel the attacks and some even launched these deplorable tactics themselves.

While some of us are busting our behinds to do positive things for chess and the USCF, these people spam the newsgroup with thousands and thousands of posts with derogatory and false information.

The strategy is simple. They believe that if they lie and throw out 1,000 false items, some people will believe in some of these lies and that is what they are hoping for. They know that it is impossible to have enough time in a 24 hour day to respond to all the garbage. This is how the USCF has functioned for years. Instead of doing the right things, they do what is right for them. They use the same tactic for years.

And if people like me who want to be above their tactic and not go back and forth with them, they continue their daily insults and attacks while telling the members that if there is no response, it means that the charges are true. I am sorry to say but my children and students behave better than some of our leaders.

GM Alburt was elected and was not allowed to do much. GM Seirawan, one of the most well known chess ambassador of the US, lost the election. They did the same thing to GM Seirawan. They also attacked, insulted and tried to destroy his reputation.

So what is the bottom line? The bottom line is they are not capable of discussing the accomplishments of their candidates in the past 3-5 years. They are also not capable of discussing real issues such as:

* Shrinking revenues and rising expenses which caused the USCF to lose money in 9 of the last 11 years
* Membership level dipped from the mid 90 thousand to low 80 thousand
* Loss of 3 multi-million dollar sponsorship possibilities in the last 5-6 months due to the USCF politics and incompetence
* Pitiful marketing and promotion of the USCF
* Loss of a $250,000 US Championship and a sponsor which invested more than $1 million in chess

* Lack of support for parents, coaches and the scholastic members
* There is no program or plan to help teach and certify more chess teachers to accommodate countless schools across the country
* Lack of support for Internet, College, Correspondence and professional players, etc.
* Displeasure of the USCF members with the board that they elected a board member with conviction records to keep the current board members “honest”, which directly harm the reputation or what’s left of it of the USCF
* Coming up ideas or plans which can restore the integrity, respectability, professionalism or increase revenues and visibility of this federation
* Creating plans or ideas to promote chess the right way, increase memberships or retaining the current members
* and many more issues…

What they are capable of is throwing out baseless accusations, rumors, innuendos and insults, etc. There is no chance in the world that these people can change their ways. They have no vision, no experience, no understanding and no ability to turn this sinking ship around.

I made my recommendations here and here. You have the power to make this change. The choice is up to you.

We all need to unite to change this federation. Thank you for your support!

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