Back in 2007, Magnus’ Dad wrote the following on his blog:

Magnus has also been fortunate enough to spend two training session with Garry Kasparov himself, and Garry and his team have been very supportive of Magnus. These sessions were of unique importance not only because of the extremely high quality Garry brings to the analysis board but also as an eye opener of the long, difficult and laborious road leading to the top. Despite being a GM, Magnus really felt like a pupil and novice in the analysis. (It was the first time he had felt like this for many years!) I’m sure these experiences has contributed considerably to his development over the last 2 years.

This following is the headline at the Chess.FM blog:

Carlsen and Kasparov team up

News out of Norway this morning: Magnus Carlsen has been working informally with Garry Kasparov for some time, and now they are taking that relationship to a new level. Garry Kasparov is to be Carlsen’s trainer! (VG Nett, Sports pp.8-9)

In addition, ChessBase posted the following:

In complete secrecy chess star Magnus Carlsen, 18, has engaged the history’s greatest chess player, Garry Kasparov, as a personal trainer. The goal is to make the Norwegian, who currently ranks as the fourth-best chess player in the world, the world’s best during the course of the coming year. In addition, Magnus Carlsen of Lommedalen will be built up to become the strongest brand in international chess.

“You will not find a bigger name than Kasparov,” says former Carlsen mentor GM Simen Agdestein, “nor a more competent coach.” When Kasparov retired in 2005 he had been an undisputed world number one from 1985 to 2000.

The collaboration, which until now has been kept secret, has been under way for six months, confirms Magnus Carlsen himself. He will not reveal what the training program costs, but confirms that it is expensive.

Now the former director of the Hjemmet Mortensen, Espen Agdestein, is working full time to find sponsors for Carlsen. “This is the king training his crown prince,” said Espen Agdestein. “While Kasparov is a living legend, Carlsen is the biggest attraction that exists in the chess world today. This is the Dream Team.”


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