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The incredible Katie Couric has been the co-anchor of the Today show (with Matt Lauer) since April 5, 1991. She joined the program in June 1990 as its first national correspondent. Katie then served as substitute co-anchor from February 1991 until becoming permanent co-anchor. She is also an important contributing anchor for Dateline NBC.

Katie Couric announced on Wednesday that she is leaving NBC’s “Today” show to join rival CBS and become the first woman sole anchor of a major U.S. network evening newscast. Bravo!

Katie, 49, has agreed to replace veteran CBS News correspondent Bob Schieffer in the CBS Evening News anchor chair. Schieffer assumed the position on a temporary basis in March last year after the legendary Dan Rather stepped down.

Katie is one of the most highly paid figures in U.S. television, signing a 4 1/2-year renewal deal with NBC in December 2001 that sources said was worth about $60 million. Her new deal is worth much more than that.

Katie has shown that she can succeed in a Men’s World of news broadcasting. She demonstrated that women can attract a big audience, even bigger than her male counterpart.

I also believe this to be true in chess. The average person on the street or folks in the media cannot tell the difference between the games of 2700-2800 players from 2400-2500 players. But some women in chess can draw much bigger crowds. Some women in chess can make headline news in our sport.

My exhibition events offen draw much bigger crowds than major International Chess events and even the latest World Chess Championship in San Luis with 8 top players in the world. My lectures and chess events often fill the hall. My chess activities are often printed worldwide. My books and DVDs outsell 99.9% of male chess authors.

So why are women paid 1/10 of their male counterpart in chess? Women in tennis have been paid the same as men in Grand Slam events. Women’s tennis matches have higher ratings. They command just as much if not more in endorsements. Isn’t time for a big change for women in chess? Posted by Picasa

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