Mets welcome Santana
February 7, 2008

The Mets welcomed Johan Santana to Shea Stadium yesterday with a video that featured Alec Baldwin, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld gushing about the greatness of New York.Very shortly, it will be Santana’s turn to show this city, his new home, why the two-time Cy Young winner is the missing piece to a championship team.

Only 24 hours after the Giants’ triumphant parade up the Canyon of Heroes, here was Santana, who many believe will make the same thing happen for the Mets, putting on his No. 57 in blue and orange.

“I’m looking forward to us celebrating that way, too,” said Santana, who watched the confetti storm on TV at his hotel. “Hopefully, that time will be soon and we’ll be able to bring that to the city and have fun with them.”

Here is the video of the ceremony.

Source: NY Newsday

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