Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fischer’s Filipino daughter eyes P140m

JINKY Young stands to receive at least P140 million, plus gold and real estate properties left by legend Bobby Fischer, if DNA tests will affirm that she is indeed the daughter of the late chess genius.

Young’s mother-guardian Jinky requested the probate court of Reykjavik, Iceland last April 16 for the exhumation of the remains of the ex-world champion in order to obtain his DNA samples.

In December last year, Marilyn and Jinky, accompanied by Filipino Grandmaster Eugene Torre, who was a friend of Fischer, together with lawyer Sammy Estimo, went to Iceland to visit the chess legend’s tomb in Selfoss, southern Iceland.

The group hired an Icelandic lawyer Thordur Bogason to help Young recover her inheritance to the estate of her father.

With the help of Bogason, the group went to a hospital in Reykjavik, where blood samples of Marilyn and Jinky were taken for DNA tests. However, the probate court was informed by the hospital, where Fischer died in January of 2008, that he had no DNA samples preserved during his stay there.

After conferring with the Icelandic lawyer, Estimo prepared the letter-request of Marilyn for the exhumation of Fischer’s remains.

There are three claimants to the Fischer estate, namely Miyoko Watai, the Japanese woman who claims to have married Fischer in 2004; and the Targ brothers, children of his deceased sister; and Young, who was born in Baguio City in May, 2001.

In a decision of the Supreme Court of Iceland in December last year, the supposed marriage of Fischer and Watai was voided because of the repeated failure of the Japanese to produce in court the original document of their alleged marriage certificate. To date, Watai has not yet submitted the required document.


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