Commentary on the Laws of Chess

Second expanded edition of the book by IA, FM and IO Mihajlo Savic
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The second expanded edition of the book “Commentary on the Laws of Chess” by IA, FM and IO Mihajlo Savic is out of print. With 304 pages, this edition is almost three times larger than the previous one, as it includes comments on many practical examples.

As extra content, the book includes FIDE Title Regulations and FIDE Rating Regulations. Hard cover. More information and orders on the author’s website.

The Reference Book of Chess Laws (Foreword to the first edition)

Chess is a game which, throughout its history, changed its rules a number of times. With the introduction of the chess clock, time was automatically accepted as a decisive factor in the outcome of a chess game. Thus, we developed new disciplines such as rapid and blitz chess which, by all odds, cannot be subject to the same rules applied in standard chess.

Such factors affected the constant evolvement and elaboration of the Laws of Chess, laid down by the World Chess Federation (FIDE). The chess reference books previously written in our language are not sufficient for proper interpretation of all changes, hence the need for publishing something new.

The main role of this book is to provide chess arbiters, as well as all players and chess-related workers, with not only a translation of FIDE Chess Laws, but also their interpretation – in one place. The author of this book, FIDE Master Mihajlo Savic, as an international chess arbiter, is certainly fully qualified to offer a translation and such explanations which will be acceptable to all.

We have witnessed in many chess tournaments how players, and even chess arbiters, can misinterpret certain rules, and this book will undoubtedly help them to clear up some disputable situations. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I recommend this book, which will, I believe, very much have influence in avoiding some of the quandaries in our tournaments, since, in my opinion, the result of a chess game can only be just if achieved over a chess board.

Zlatko Ilincic, Grandmaster


Svetozar Gligoric, Instead of Review – 5

Nikola Karaklajic, The Book Necessary to Any Chess Player – 6

Zlatko Ilincic, The Reference Book of Chess Laws – 7

Word From the Author – 8

Comments on the Laws of Chess – 19

The FIDE Laws of Chess – 21

Basic Rules of Chess – 28

Competition Rules – 87

Appendices – 165

International Title Regulations of FIDE – 203

Regulation for the Titles of Arbiters – 251

Regulations for the Classifications of the Chess Arbiters – 260

List of the Lecturers for the FIDE Arbiters Seminars – 265

FIDE Rating Regulations – 267

Forms – 291

About the Author – 302

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