The Girl Who’s Taking the Chess World By Storm

She’s also a two-time winner of the Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls, where her strong, attacking style of play and her clever, tongue-in-cheek blog first began to attract global attention in the world of chess.

Google the name “Abby Marshall” and chess, in fact, and you’ll discover a host of Web sites that cover her matches like those of a sports celebrity – with interviews, pictures and comments from fans, including one describing this “badass” devotee of the much-maligned King’s Gambit opening move as a “chess hero.”

Over the past four years, she’s repaid that attention with some blistering tournament victories, pushing her performance-based player rating past the magical “2,200” points needed to ranks as a national chess master.

This week, Marshall will join the national team for her second trip to the World Youth Chess Championships in Istanbul, Turkey, where she hopes to win a few more points toward her goal of becoming a Grand Master.

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