McCain Needs Boost in Tonight’s Debate

TOLEDO, Ohio (Oct. 15) – John McCain sought to change the course of a campaign moving decidedly in Barack Obama’s direction Wednesday night in the third and final presidential debate.

With less than three weeks until the Nov. 4 election, the 90-minute debate focusing on the economic crisis offered the Republican senator from Arizona what could be one of his last big chances to persuade voters to give the race another look. Polls show Obama, the senator from Illinois, with a clear lead nationally and in several key battleground states.

McCain was keenly aware of the stakes he faced after two debates in which supporters suggested he was insufficiently forceful against Obama.

So what do you expect to see in tonight’s debate, the final debate before the election, which is about 3 weeks away? What does Senator McCain need to do to keep this race close? What does Senator Obama need to do to close it out strong?

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