The Best Chess Players In The Business World
Gus Lubin and Samantha Cortez|Jun. 21, 2012, 1:10 PM

Games like bridge, poker, and chess are great for business. These games all use methods that can can be incorporated into the way you view and make business decisions. Chess in particular requires strategic decision-making, concentration, tactics, and evaluation.

Bob Rice, author of Three Moves Ahead: What Chess Can Teach You About Business, wrote: “The more you look at the business world, the more you see that successful companies and the people who run them use chess strategies routinely (whether they know it or not).”

While many chess masters play the game full time, we tracked down a bunch of excellent players in finance and tech.

Here are some big names by random order:

Andrei Filatov
Rex Sinquefield
Boaz Weinstein
Alan Trefler
Peter Thiel
James Sherwin
Anna Gulko
Duncan Suttles
Vivek Rao
Norman Weinstein
David Norwood
Pascal Charbonneau
Ken Rogoff
Max Dlugy
Michael Wilder
Patrick Wolff

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