The bad chess generation!
07 Thursday Jun 2012
Guest post by Kevin Owen

OK! So we all have to admit at some point, we all were bad at chess. Yes, yes, it’s hard to say it but we all were bad at chess.

When I started playing chess and got exposed to online playing I started to realise how bad I actually was. Of course I got better on the way but was I improving in the right way??

What do I mean “the right way”? well you see. When you start playing chess you don’t have the correct way of thinking. You don’t open your game correctly, you don’t end correctly and actually you don’t play correctly. This all starts when you start playing against the lower rated players.

In their game you will find that the queen is a huge impact player in the start of the game. Now if you asked a GM about using the Queen in the start of a game he would slap right there and then. The thing is, these lower rated players don’t know this. They find that they can easily destroy opponents with their Queen. You on the other hand start to lose games fast as you can’t defend yourself.

You start to adapt this sort of play into your own games. You start doing the same thing everyone else is doing. You start learning to play “wrong”. This is why the generation of chess is getting worse because these sorts of things are happening. I believe that online chess has had a negative impact on starting players.

Would do you think of this topic?

Kevin Owen

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