he 7th round of this European Chess Championship for Blind and Visually impaired players took place on Friday 31 July at the Mercure Hotel, rue de Bonnel in Lyon.

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As things can turn around quickly in chess! S. BABARYKIN was a hero with 5/5 but he just lost two times in a row. P. DUKACZEWSKI came back strongly yesterday but he lost today.

The two new players ahead are their respectives winners. The Polish GM Marcin TAZBIR, n°1 of the tournament, is leading with 6/7, followed by the German FM Oliver MUELLER at 5.5.

We are still seeing a lot of beautiful games in this championship. Here are three diagrams:

S.Babarykin – M. Tazbir  O. Mueller – P. Dukaczewski A. Hervais – R. Nizam
IBCA diagram  IBCA diagram 2  IBCA diagram3

On the left: Tazbir used the theme of the trapped piece, here the ¥h2. White took in g6 and then tried to untangle with g3 but the endgame was lost. In the center: Dukaczewski sacrificed the exchange, unfortunately here he played 24…¤d6? And had to trade Queens after 25.¦h3! with a losing game. He could have played 24…¥xf4 with a strong attack. Maybe the turning point of the championship! On the right: Adrien Hervais, facing IM Rasim Nizam, followed Tal-Timman Candidates 1985, sacrificing a pawn for a super active King ! Black played 23…¦d8? when 23…a6 24.a4 ¢e7 or the active 23…d4 were required. The French then won quite quickly! He is at 5/7, one point behind the leader.

In a tournament for blind and visually impaired players, the referees have more work than usually! The material is more difficult to manage, especially clocks of several different models. During the round they sometime have to check that the two players have the same position, and of course that they reach the 40th move in the given 2h. The taking of the results is less obvious too. Congratulations to the arbiters Stephen BOYD, Georges BELLET et Thierry PARIS!

Round 8
There are only two rounds left, the 9th and last on Sunday at 9:30. Marcin TAZBIR, who will face up to Oliver MUELLER, has now his fate in his hands. Here are top pairings of round 8 on Saturday 14:30:

Table Nom Elo Pts Rés. Pts Nom Elo
1 GM Tazbir Marcin 2516 6 FM Mueller Oliver 2269
2 Komissarov Alexey 2191 5 5 FM Babarykin Stanislav 2357
3 CM Ross Chris N 2184 5 5 IM Meshkov Yuri A. 2349
4 FM Dimic Pavle 2305 5 5 IM Dukaczewski Piotr 2237
5 Hervais Adrien 2029 5 5 IM Stachanczyk Jacek 2259
6 FM Rositsan Boris 2051 5 IM Pakhomov Alexey 2346

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