Thailand Open Chess Championship
Published: 15/03/2009 at 12:00 AM
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Some of the world’s top chess players, including former world championship candidate Nigel Short, will be competing at the Thailand Open Chess Championship 2009 in North Pattaya next month.

“With 12 Grandmasters already registered, this will be the strongest tournament ever held in Thailand and probably the strongest in Asia,” said Thailand Chess Association president Banthit Chankanit.

Previous tournaments managed by the Bangkok Chess Club (BCC) attracted Asia’s best players including former champions GM Ian Rogers from Australia and GM Rogelio Antonio Jr from the Philippines.

This year players from 34 countries including those from Chile and Ireland have registered to take part in the Pattaya championship.

“It is not just about attracting the top players,” said BCC president Kai Tuorila.

“We are actively encouraging the participation of talented Thai juniors, and there will be players of every ability at the tournament. It is very positive for Thailand”.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand believes this will improve the country’s image abroad and help attract tourists.

You can grab the chance to challenge top Thai and international players by registering for the tournament at


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