Many people asked how I am able to blog frequently. Here are the answers:

1. I love chess and I am committed to make a positive difference.
2. Technology: The above computer is what I have on the road. I can blog from anywhere at anytime in the United States. I just posted a bunch of items while sitting at Palm Beach International Airport waiting to board.

While some people (thankfully there are few) like to harp on all the negative stuff and play petty and destructive chess political games, I like to do everything I can to help chess in a positive way. If I can bring you this much news and information without a staff or money, why can’t the USCF or other federations do the same?

That is why I decided to run for the USCF Executive Board and that is why I asked the most qualified people to run with me. We will bring immediate positive results instead of hiding behind the wall of secrecy, inefficiency and bureaucracy.

If the USCF members want the same old things than they should vote for the candidates who like the status quo. I like to make things better.

The secret is my love for this game and diligence.

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