Guest Column: Technology and Chess

This continues a new category of posts: Guest columns where friends and readers share how technology is reshaping their hobby – basket weaving, rugby – whatever.

This time it is my daughter, Rita Mirchandani on chess.

Daughter? But before you scream nepotism, let me tell you she was the top ranked girl in Florida the last couple of years. She could beat me within a few weeks after she started to play!

“Chess has been played for almost 1,500 years since its origins in India. From there it spread gradually around the world and can truly be called the world’s first global game. But while it has traveled far and wide, the game itself has remained largely unchanged – except in the technology available around it. In recent years, the technology has really exploded.


While technology has clearly helped, it is the community which makes chess so fulfilling. I am grateful to have learned from a wide range of generous folks. I had a coach from Cuba, an internet coach from California, and advice from countless players and tournament organizers who helped me analyze each game I played.

I have been inspired by Susan Polgar, winner of many Olympics gold medals and a prominent lady grandmaster, and have been privileged to be invited to tournaments she organizes for young girls. To do my part to give back to the community, I now help Coach Willard Taylor, who encouraged my early interest in chess and is excellent with young kids, teach chess to a group of 3rd grade students at Berkeley High.


Chess is a fantastic hobby. Very affordable if you stick to local chess clubs and internet play. Somewhat more expensive if you play in tournaments around the world. But I have ended up with very good friends in just about every US state as a result of the tournaments I played in different cities.

And we unabashedly give each other unsolicited advice – not just about chess. You could say chess world was an established social network way before MySpace or Facebook became popular.”

Here is the full article.

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