U.S. Head of Delegation – TEAM USA
2012 NAYCC Opening Ceremony
México City, Mexico

Report by Chess Dad Abed Munoz

After an opening ceremony where the host nation of Mexico displayed their national pride – TEAM USA became one. No longer did the 9-chess players represent California, Texas or Colorado, but rather after the team picture, where the Mexican press surrounded our team with camera flashes, in one football like team huddle the players blared out on three, “U-S-A!” It was there when we all became one.

Round 1 started with a delay of about one hour. These are the players having the honor of representing the United States in this 2012 North American Youth Chess Championship.

U8 Girls
Aksithi Eswaran

U10 Girls
Chenyi Zhao

U12 Girls
Ashritha Eswaran

U14 Girls
Kristen Sarna

U16 Girls
WCM Claudia Munoz

U8 Boys
Joaquin Perkins

U10 Boys
Pranav Senthilkumar

U12 Boys
Anirudh Seela
Alexander Hemmat

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