The 2014 Team Chess Championship EVO MORALES is organized by Chess Club ACIB CSYDAM, Bolivian Consulate and Cuyana Chess Federation on 8-9th November 2014 on Gomensoro 2530, San José, in Guaymallén, a central department of Mendoza Province in Argentine.

Evo Morales, who is serving as Bolivian President since 2006, played a friendly chess match against the former World champion Anatoly Karpov in 2010, that ended in a draw.

The present event in honor of the Bolivian President promises prize fund in the amount of 6.000 ARS, awarded as follows: 3.000 ARS/ 2.000 ARS/ 1.000 ARS.

The competition will be played in a 7-round Swiss Rapid format with a time control 10 minutes per player plus 5 seconds increment or 25 minutes per player.

Each team will consist of 3 players, where no more than one of them should be ranked as First Category Player or rated over 2000 Elo FIDE.

You can see the tournament schedule below.

Saturday, 8th November:
14h – Opening ceremony
15h – Round 1
16:30h – Round 2
18h – Round 3
19:30h – Round 4

Sunday, 9th November:
15h – Round 5
16h – Round 6
17h – Round 7
18h – Closing ceremony

Arbiters: Fabricio Sanchez and Fabio Morales
Tel.: 2615084415-2614456902

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