I have recently read a lot of comments about the type of puzzles and advices that I give. This has to do with my teaching philosophy. I know different people have different teaching methods and this is mine. I try not to teach any of my students to memorize chess. I teach them to understand chess and its many unique patterns. By understanding chess and its patterns, players can easily transpose their knowledge to various positions.

Why do I do this? Not everyone wants to be a world class player and not everyone has 8-10 hours a day to study chess. Therefore, I would like the players to maximize their time to gain the most benefits. Does it work right away? No. I do not teach people to improve in 1 day or after 1 lesson. I teach them the foundation for long term benefits. If people want quick fixes then I am the wrong person to turn to. My successes came from hard work, dedication and passion.

Some coaches teach their students to memorize a lot of openings and tricks so their students can win right away. In the long run, it will end up hurting the students more than helping. When I give puzzles, I hope you will do your best to try to solve them without using computers. Using computers will not help you at all during the games.

My Internet video classes for novice, intermediate and advanced levels are almost ready to go. I did a big test yesterday and the live feeds and sounds came across very clear. Again, thank you for your support and this blog is for YOU!

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