TCEC Season 10 is starting in about a month. Behind the scenes active preparation is going on for holding the 2017 season of the world’s premium computer chess event.

After a constructive discussion and feedback from the TCEC fans, the new season will have the following parameters:

* A 20 or more cores server right from the start (Dual Xeon E5 series)
* Participants will be limited to 24 engines with a minimum ELO requirement
* Time control will be slightly faster in each stage, producing more games per day
* New engines that have never participated in TCEC will be invited

The season’s administrator will once again be Martin Thoresen. However, TCEC will be looking for another addition to the team. The new administrator will receive one month training and will be part of the season in later stages and from Season 11 on. If you think you are suitable for the job or know someone who is, please contact us here.

More updates on the championship will be published next week on Chessdom and also on the Facebook page.

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