The Top Chess Engine Championship TCEC is heading towards a new season. Season 9 of the competition is going to collect one more time the strongest computer chess software on the planet for a multi-stage 3000+ ELO chess battles.

TCEC Season 9 is starting this May 1st and will feature up to 32 participants. The season will feature a couple of innovations including:

* Stronger than ever hardware in the final stages
* New participants, worthy of attacking top 6
* An extended, yet more balanced field
* For the first time 1CPU engines of considerable strength will enter the event
* Media partners among mainstream media

Official website of the competition will be, the sponsors of the event are and

Official facebook page is

More about TCEC Season 9

Expect more information in this article regarding Season 9 in the next hours, including initial participants list, hardware specification, complete rules, and more.

If you want to support TCEC, here is the official Season 9 support package with awesome presents

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