This is description of Svidler by ChessBase:

Peter Svidler was born on June 17, 1976, in Leningrad. He learned to play chess when he was six, became a grandmaster at 18. He won the Russian Championship four times (1994, 1995, 1997, 2003), twice before he was 20. In 2005 he shared second with Vishy Anand in the FIDE World Chess Championship in San Luis. Peter is married and has twin sons. He is hopelessly overeducated, reads voraciously and speaks English at a depressing level of eloquence. He is a fan (from “fanatic”) of the English game of cricket and will rush from the chessboard to the press center to see whether Sachin Tendulkar made the century. He can spend hours discussing the game, which takes five days to play, with like-minded GMs (Short and Rogers), using technical expressions like “silly midon” and “short leg” while he does so.

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