After the passing of the legendary Grandmaster Svetozar Gligoric the chess club from Pancevo inherited his rich personal library and memorabilia.

Chess club Svetozar Gligoric – Gliga is meeting in its 250sqm premises in the centre of Pancevo, 20km from Serbian capital Belgrade.

While the left room is holding rows of chess tables for games, the space on the right is reserved for the personal belongings of the late Grandmaster.

And this is only a part of the collection – consisting of magazines, bulletins, books, framed photographs, newspaper excerpts, analyses and various other memorabilia.

The more valuable items are currently stored in the apartment of the club president, IO Miladin Mitrovic, until a proper space is arranged for the real “Gligoric Museum”.

The chess club is holding a fund-raising concert on 21st June at the Cultural Centre in Pancevo, to collect donations for the establishment of Museum.

IMG 0814

Grandmaster Boban Bogosavljevic from Vrsac, IM Dusan Radovanovic from the Serbian Chess federation office, and SCF Delegate Goran Urosevic visited the club to travel back in time all the way to 1939 when Gligoric became Master at age of 16.

Enquiries in English about the collection and Museum can be sent to Serbian Chess Federation

IMG 0797
Entry to chess club Svetozar Gligoric-Gliga

IMG 0803
The oldest photograph of Gligoric

IMG 0804
Certificate from 1962 Chess Olympiad in Varna

IMG 0806
Certificate of San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

IMG 0808

IMG 0851
A portion of plaques and trophies

IMG 0836
GM Boban Bogosavljevic and club president Miladin Mitrovic

IMG 0822

IMG 0850
With wife Dana


IMG 0809
Throughout the years Gligoric collected a huge number of newspaper excerpts

IMG 0810

IMG 0811

IMG 0812

IMG 0814

IMG 0816
Bulletin from Saint John 1988

IMG 0843
Newspaper excerpt from 1939 when Gligoric became national master

IMG 0848
Besides the printed games, Gligoric also collected sketches of the players

Bobby Fischer files

IMG 0824
Envelope with material that Gligoric prepared for Bobby Fischer before the 1992 Match against Boris Spassky

IMG 0830
A look inside the envelope – back then it was like this

IMG 0831

IMG 0834
Taimanov and Keres envelopes

IMG 0839

IMG 0799

IMG 0857
The playing section of chess club Svetozar Gligoric – Gliga