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Boy suspended over anti-Obama tshirt
by Bethany Sanders
Sep 25th 2008 2:00PM

With only 40 days left until the 2008 Presidential election, there’s no doubt that things are heating up. As the candidates battle it out on the main stage, conversations at home are bound to turn to politics. Parents, of course, have a huge influence over a child’s developing political leanings. And parents who feel strongly about an issue are sure to pass those feelings on to their kids.

Whether or not it was his due to his parents’ influence, a Colorado boy is pretty certain that, if he was of voting age, he wouldn’t be casting his vote for Barack Obama. The boy wore a handmade t-shirt to school that declared, “Obama: A Terrorist’s Best Friend.” The school gave the boy three choices — change his clothes, turn the shirt inside out, or get suspended. The boy chose suspension, and now his family plans to sue. Hooo, boy.

The family is citing First Amendment rights, of course, while the school district says it has a right to ban any clothing that interferes with learning. I think that the school district did the right thing. The shirt was inflammatory, and they gave the boy several options to avoid suspension. But I’m sure there are others who think this is a gross violation of this boy’s rights.

Source: http://www.parentdish.com

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