Stockfish deservedly won this year’s edition of the world strongest computer chess championship TCEC.

The Superfinal of Thoresen Computer Engine Competition made us witnesses of another great battle between the giants Komodo and Stockfish. This time the latter didn’t give a chance, leaving the former TCEC champion Komodo full 7 points behind.

With a final score 35,5:28,5 Stockfish is the new reigning TCEC Grand champion. Congratulations Stockfish!

Visit the official TCEC website to replay the games in the Archive mode and do not miss Komodo – Stockfish (TCEC Season 6 – Stage 3), annotated by GM Davorin Kuljasevic.

Read the exclusive interview with TCEC organizer and director Martin Thoresen, taken by GM Davorin Kuljasevic.

Final standings:

1. Stockfish 170514 3164 – (35.5)
2. Komodo 7x 3155 – (28.5)

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