Twelve times Icelandic champion GM Hannes Stefanssonis the sole leader in the Icelandic Individual Chess Championship 2014.

He is the only player in the strongest Icelandic Individual Championship ever, who has 2/2 points, half a point ahead of the nearest contenders IM Bragi Thorfinnsson and GM Hjorvar Gretarsson.

The participants are vying bitterly for the first prize of 250 000 ISK (approximately 1600 €).

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The first place in the Candidates Section is shared in a by FM Sigurdur Sigfusson, Kristjan Edvardsson, Magnus Teitsson, Gylfi Thorhallsson, Dagur Ragnarsson, IM Saevar Bjarnason, Loftur Baldvinsson, FM David Kjartansson and Hallgerdur Thorsteinsdottir with 2/2 points each.

Master Section/ Candidates Section

Master Section ranking after 2 rounds:

1 GM Stefansson Hannes H ISL (2548) 2
2 IM Thorfinnsson Bragi ISL (2459) 1,5
3 GM Gretarsson Hjorvar ISL (2530) 1,5
4 GM Danielsen Henrik ISL (2483) 1
5 GM Gretarsson Helgi Ass ISL (2462) 1
6 GM Steingrimsson Hedinn ISL (2537) 1
7 IM Kjartansson Gudmundur ISL (2439) 1
8 FM Gislason Gudmundur ISL (2319) 0,5
9 FM Jensson Einar Hjalti ISL (2350) 0,5
10 GM Thorhallsson Throstur ISL (2437) 0

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