When I ran for the USCF Executive Board, threats were made toward me and my family unless I dropped out from the election. I refused and the members spoke up overwhelmingly. After I took office, more threats including blackmail were made toward me to resign from the board. They said that if I did not resign, they will contact Texas Tech University to try to get me fired and they will do everything possible to destroy me and my family.

This group of small minded people will do everything to protect the status quo. If they can do this to me, imagine what they will do to others who do not have a voice or a forum to speak out. I have been publicly called by 4-letter words, female body parts, and more. I have been screamed and cussed at on the phone. This is the kind of abuse one can face by going up against the establishment. And this is only a small part of I have to go through. It seems like chapters in a bad novel but unfortunately, it is a reality.

In the past few months, various people have lobbied to have the Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls cancelled. They want to destroy all my efforts to promote chess for young people, especially girls. They want me to stop finding better opportunities for our professional players. They have no concern about the growth of College Chess. They could not care less about doing the right things for our game. Our professionals are struggling. Our young players are still dropping out at a high rate. We still have done nothing to look for sponsorships and expansion. We, as a federation, are not doing enough to positively promote the USCF.

In the last few weeks, false posts were made and rumors were spread that Texas Tech University has withdrawn support of scholarships and the Susan Polgar Foundation has canceled all tournaments including the upcoming Reshevsky Memorial, the Susan Polgar National Open for Girls, Boys and International Open (where we are giving out over $100,000 in scholarships, laptop computers and cash and chess prizes, etc.) as well as the Susan Polgar World Open Championship for Girls and Boys, all without making a penny for myself. In fact, I have to put in my own time, effort and money.

The same people also tried to spread more lies by saying that my husband and I have resigned from the USCF Executive Board. Some confidential correspondence between board members was leaked out to the same group of people. I have saved every email and post. Everything will be introduced in due time.

There is not an ounce of truth to these vicious rumors. I am not resigning and I have no intention of resigning. I intend to fight this all the way. This is why I ran for the board. Due to the legal situation, I cannot go into details. But once the legal issues are over, I will speak out about this extensively. Now that I am on the USCF Executive Board, I finally understand the real problem behind the scene, things that most members are not aware of.

Thank you for your supporting posts, emails and phone calls. I am not a quitter. I made a promise to the USCF voters when I announced my candidacy 11 months ago and I intend to keep my promise. We all deserve better.

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