This is Mikhail Korenman at the press conference with Anatoly Karpov, Mikhail Gorbachev and me

It’s not enough to merely have a good idea. People must make the commitment and have the tenacity to make it work. That’s my business philosophy. That’s what I want to bring to the USCF Executive Board.

Making it work – my proposals:

1) For the USCF: Work with the state affiliates to promote more adult memberships and develop more community-based chess clubs (= more USCF affiliates!) Work with corporations to provide sponsorships. We need to build the organization’s concept of development based on scientific research of the USCF data. The USCF should take the lead in promoting chess in the national television and print media.

2) For the Children: Let’s start a few national training facilities for K-12 coaches. These will provide year-round on-line and on-site curriculum support, teaching materials, tests, software, and certification of coaches. Develop national chess curriculum standards to assist public and private schools. Sounds ambitious but by working with the Scholastic Committee and our nation’s universities, we can make it happen together.

3) For College Chess: Work with leading institutions, K-12 schools, and private business on a national research project to study chess as an effective learning tool to improve students’ progress in school subjects and their general knowledge. Support colleges and universities that provide chess instruction and their facilities for the national training centers.

4) For the Chess Professionals: The USA needs more top tournaments. More norm-granting tournaments. More round-robin tournaments with the top world-class players. More long distance Internet chess matches and tournaments. Again, we do this by working together. USCF, with cooperation of corporate sponsorship, should work aggressively with the media to obtain nationwide coverage of major chess events.

All of the politicians can make promises. I stand on what I’ve achieved:

– Founded the first Karpov School of Chess in the country (after obtaining a grant of $261,000).
– Organized professional and scholastic tournaments, including U.S. Junior Open, Pan-American Intercollegiate, two Final Four Intercollegiate championships, two Karpov-Polgar matches and numerous open and invitational tournaments.
– Helped the Scholastic Council to design the Chess Certification Program.
– Teamed with Susan Polgar and Paul Truong to lead scholastic players from all over the US to the first Chess for Peace Tour to Moscow.
– My latest project – Chess for Peace – brought former Soviet President Gorbachev to play chess in Kansas.

I have a Doctoral Degree in Education from Kansas State University. For six years, I taught at Bethany College in Lindsborg, KS. Today, I’m President of International Educational and Cultural Services, Inc., member of the USCF Scholastic Council, and a high school teacher. Please visit for more information about me and my campaign.

I am honored to have received Susan Polgar’s endorsement. I am honored to have worked with her and Paul Truong on numerous scholastic and professional events to promote chess in the US. I am proud to be part of the TEAM of professionals. But I would be most honored with your vote this July.

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