GM Wesley So and his Dad arrived last night. GMs Kuzubov, Andreikin, Hammer, Diamant, IMs Papp, Kuljasevic, Antal are already in Lubbock.

GMs Mamedov, Perelshteyn, Akobian, and Bhat, IMs Finegold, Ippolito, Ray Robson and his Dad, and FM Rensch are arriving today.

The full schedule and other info are available here:

Special thanks to the volunteers behind the organization of the SPICE Cup: Dr. Hal Karlsson, Dr. Rich Rice, Lucia Barbato, Peggy Flores, with the support of Dr. Juan Munoz, Office of the Provost, Office of the President, and the Office of the Chancellor. Jerry Perez, unfortunately, is out of town for a conference, and not able to participate during the tournament this time.

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