Set 1 (more than 30 pictures):

Set 2 (more than 35 pictures):

Here is the link to the SPICE Cup LIVE games. The LIVE game viewer is also available on the bottom of this post.

Results, updates, photos, and other official information will be posted right here on this blog

Our friends at will have LIVE commentary of the GM Hammer vs GM So game today:

Sunday, September 20 / 2pm – Round 2

A group

Mamedov – Kuzubov

Hammer – So

Akobian – Andreikin

Sunday, September 20 / 2pm – Round 2

B group

Kuljasevic – Diamant

Rensch – Antal

Perelshteyn – Papp

Ippolito – Robson

Bhat – Finegold

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