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SPICE Cup Open Chess Championship
Two sections: Open and Under 1000/Unrated
September 26-27, 2009

A 5 Round Swiss System Tournament (Game/60)
Event Site: TTU (Student Union Building) Lubbock, TX
Contact Info: 806-742-7742 E-mail: Spice@ttu.edu

Description of Tournament: Open to all USCF members. You may join online or on site on
9/26 before the start of the event. Time control: G/60.

Registration: On-site registration and check in 9:00am-10:30am. All players must check in by

Round schedule: Saturday 11:00am 2:00pm- 4:45pm Sunday 9:30am and 12:30pm.

Entry Fee: Open: $49 received by 9/7. $59 by 9/21 or $75 on site. U-1000/Unrated Open: $20
received by 9/7. $30 by 9/21 or $40 on site. K-12 or TTU students $10 off.

Prizes: Open: $500-$350-$250 Top U2100: $100-$50 Top U-1800: $100-$50 Top U-1500:
$100-$50. All prizes based on 40 paid entries.

U-1000/Unrated: $100-$60-$30 based on 20 paid entries. Plus trophies to top K-5, K-8 and K-12

Other: Chess sets and boards will be provided. Bring you own clock if you have one.

Please send Entry Blank and Fees to Susan Polgar Foundation at 6923 Indiana Ave. #154 Lubbock, TX 79413.

Entry Form: Please PRINT all information and make check / money order to Susan Polgar Foundation.

Name: ______________________________Phone: (_____) ___________ SPICE Cup Open/U-1000
Address: _____________________________ City/State:________________ Zip:_________________
Email:_________________________________ DOB: _____________Section____________________
USCF Rating (if any) _______USCF ID#:______________ Amount Enclosed (No cash, please) $__________

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