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Welcome to Polgar Chess University, where chess students of all levels, no matter where they live, have an opportunity to learn chess from one of the best instructors in the game. GM Susan Polgar, former Women’s World Chess Champion, created this complete course with the dream of bringing expert advice and training to chess enthusiasts around the world at a very affordable cost. Susan is one of the most famous chess coaches in the world. A former child prodigy, Susan now coaches some of the most promising players in the US and has top 10 player Wesley So as a famous former pupil. The first female player to achieve the full Grandmaster title and sister of the strongest woman player of all-time, Judit Polgar, Susan’s expertise in chess and coaching is beyond doubt.

Polgar Chess University is offered in this format:

  • Courses identified by level – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Course lessons are prerecorded lectures that may be viewed at your convenience.
  • Your purchased videos are always available in your “My Downloadable Products” section in the ICC store.
  • Courses can be viewed on any computer and imported into iTunes an sync’d on all your iDevices.

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The Polgar Chess University Beginner Mega Bundle is an incredible collection of 106 lessons (over 45 hours!)

Attack, Defense and Chess Endgames: Susan reveals the essential principles to successful attacking chess.

Positional Play and Chess Strategy: Susan teaches you how to find strong moves in every position by targeting your opponent’s weaknesses and avoiding creating any of your own.

Improving Chess Tactics: Susan provides intensive training on chess tactics.

$316.90   $99 READ MORE


The Polgar Chess University Intermediate Mega Bundle is an incredible collection of 106 lessons (over 45 hours!)

Attack, defense and instructive games:  Susan teaches how to play more sophisticated chess attacks – and how to defend against them.

Positional play and chess strategy: Susan at the most important components of positional chess, examining pawn structures, the relative value of the pieces, how to coordinate pieces most effectively and matters of chess technique.

Chess tactics and endgames: Susan provides you with some of the more advanced ideas you will need as you play stronger opponents.

$422.94   $99 READ MORE


The Polgar Chess University Advanced Mega Bundle is an incredible collection of 106 lessons (over 45 hours!)

Attack, defense and instructive games:  Susan teaches the advanced player the subtleties of attacking play using the most instructive games of chess legends such as Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov.

Positional play and strategy: Susan discusses the more advanced topics of positional chess and strategy.

Chess tactics and endgames: Susan looks at deep sacrificial ideas from Grandmaster games, deconstructing them to reveal how they work and how we can find them in our own games.

$422.94   $99 READ MORE


Own all three for one incredibly low price!

Beginner: 106 videos (over 45 hours!) +
Intermediate: 106 videos (over 45 hours!) +
Advanded: 106 videos (over 45 hours!)

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