Susan Polgar All-Stars Girl’s Chess Team

I would like to officially announce a new initiative that is designed to help raise the playing level of young talented female players in the United States. The program is the Susan Polgar All-Stars Girl’s Chess Team.

Its goal is to recognize girls who already excel in chess and it to serve as a motivational tool for others. All girls who qualify for the team will be nationally recognized, they will receive a special Susan Polgar All-Stars jacket, a special All-Stars Certificate, and an invitation to the exclusive and intensive Susan Polgar All-Stars Girl’s Training Program conducted by me and other highly qualified top-level coaches, similar to the historic 2004 US Women’s Olympiad Training Program that I created. This program will greatly assist them in improving their chess skills.

Below are the criteria for the Susan Polgar All-Stars Girl’s Chess Team:
Age – Minimum Peak Rating (October rating list each year)

6 & Under 1300
7 1400
8 1500
9 1600
10 1700
11 1800
12 1900
13 2000
14 2100
15 2150
16 2200
17 2250
18 2300

In addition, any girl who is within 100 points from the above criteria can apply for special exemptions to attend this exclusive training program. It will not be an easy task for girls to qualify for the Susan Polgar All-Stars Girl’s Chess Team. However, it is a bar to motivate girls to try to achieve.

There is no stopping any young female player from qualifying for another award such as the Trophies Plus All-America’s Chess Team. They can qualify and accept either award or both, it is entirely up to the players who earned it. Therefore, we are not offending any individual young female players. This is a non-profit initiative to help the USCF and young female players in the United States. Girls are dropping out at an alarming rate. We need to reverse this trend before we can expect to produce large numbers of good female players. The Susan Polgar Foundation is fully committed to do this. Posted by Picasa

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