Teacher Kevin Bowers shares love of chess
By Leeanne T. Stronach
Wednesday, December 20, 2006 – Updated: 02:54 PM EST

After 50 years of marriage, Kevin Bowers, 84, still hasn’t convinced this wife Edna that chess is an enjoyable game.

When they were newlyweds, Kevin and Edna decided to try the game after they heard that another couple they knew played it.

The couple would play an ongoing game throughout a day while they also tended to chores, stopping at the chess board when they had a moment to see what move the other had made, Kevin said.

Kevin and Edna liked that idea, so Kevin purchased a chess game for 99 cents.

After reading the directions, Kevin and Edna made their first attempt, but before the game was over, Edna decided that chess was a waste of time and she didn’t like it, she said.

So Kevin took his game over to a neighbor’s house, the two learned together, and he’s been playing off and on ever since, he said.

Kevin retired five different times over the course of his teaching career. In 1983, he first retired as a guidance counselor from Boston Latin School, which was the school he graduated from in 1941.

The last job Kevin retired from was at Holbrook Junior/Senior High School in June.

He taught Latin and for about seven years, he led the school’s chess club.

Kevin now is taking his love for the game to the Little Red Schoolhouse on Union Street so he can teach anyone who would like to learn how to play chess.

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