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Wednesday, 04 April 2007
By Jonathan Babalola

Local clubs offer different options to enjoy game

Sean Hollick and Jim Klee run two different clubs on the same day and time with contrary ideals. Yet the two agree that whether it is for the competition or simply for fun, the game of chess is a joy in which everybody should partake.

Each Thursday — about 7 miles apart — the two Noblesville residents manage their groups in hopes of not only furthering the popularity of chess, but to introduce the historic game to a new audience.

“I see more parents bringing their kids in to play, because they like the way chess opens up their minds,” Klee said.

Sure, the rules of the game invented more than 1,400 years ago are the same. A rook can only move vertically or horizontally, the queen is always the most powerful piece on the board and the word “checkmate” will always produce a satisfied look for the winner and a puzzled frown from the loser.

But in a time where children and younger adults are more apt to gravitate toward hand-held electronics, some area players still believe in the gospel governed by the 8-by-8 checkered board, 32 pieces and an arsenal full of strategy.

“It’s a great game when people give it a chance,” said Hollick, in the midst of a game with his 12-year-old son, Maxx.

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