I saw on FOX News about a serious crane accident in NY City (91st Street and 1st Avenue) by the East River. I know a number of people who live near that area, which is mainly a residential neigborhood. I just received emails from a few NYC Chess Moms. Thankfully, they are OK. One Chess Mom said that she is OK but she can hear the helicopters and ambulances, etc. from her apartment.

Here is the clip from Fox:


A construction crane has collapsed on New York’s Upper East Side, killing at least two people and critically wounding at least one as firefighters and rescue workers continued to comb through the wreckage for more possible victims.

The crane smashed into a high-rise apartment building at East 91st Street and First Avenue before crashing more than a dozen stories onto the street below. Firefighters were worried that the part of the crane still standing was not stable and barred people from the immediate area around the collapse.

The top floor of a nearby high-rise apartment building was damaged, crushing at least half a dozen terraces, according to MyFOXNY.

The crane was at the site of the future Azure condo project in a mostly residential area of the city.

Here is the full story.

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