Celldomolk Open 2014, dedicated to memory of Dr. Gyula Somlai, was held from 28th April to 4th May, 2014 at JUFA Vulkan Resort, in Celldomolk, a city of Hungary, popular for filming parts of the Eragon movie here.

Council of Celldomolk, Desi STSE, Chess Club of Sarvar and Szent Benedek Katolikus Primary School organized the event.

The tournament format was a 9 round Swiss with FIDE rules and a time control of 90 minutes per player plus 30 second per move starting from move 1.

The tournament was split into two groups (Open “A” – open to all, with a total prize fund in the amount of 1 000 000 HUF and Open “B” – open to all players, rated below 2001, with a total of 165 000 HUF).

GM Sergei Ovsejevitsch from Ukraine and local IM Emil Szalancza shared first place with 6.5/9 points each.

GM Attila Szebe and Balazs Takacs split the third place with 6/9 points each, but GM Szebe took the bronze, thanks to his superb tie-break score.

First place in Section “B” was shared in a 3-way tie by Peter Kaufmann, Gabor Szabo and Milaz Szep with 6.5/9 points each.

For more information, visit the official website.

Open “A” final standings (top finishers):

1 GM Ovsejevitsch Sergei UKR 2582 6,5
2 IM Szalanczy Emil HUN 2263 6,5
3 GM Czebe Attila HUN 2424 6
4 Takacs Balazs HUN 2359 6
5 FM Tesik Csaba HUN 2341 5,5
6 IM Videki Sandor HUN 2419 5,5
7 IM Aczel Gergely HUN 2466 5
8 IM Nagy Gabor HUN 2431 5
9 FM Trbojevic Mladen CRO 2361 5
10 Izso Daniel HUN 2375 5

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