Sensational simultaneous record

Brigitta Sinka WIM (Hungary) has recently played her 10005th simultaneous game that is the highest number of games ever completed by a woman master in simultaneous play. According to the record documented she won 8618 games and lost only 464 games. The long series of games started in the year 1957 and may continue even after her achieving the 10 000 number with the aim to overcome Capablanca’s famous record of 13545 games that were played by the Cuban world champion between 1901-1940.

In the event during which Brigitta Sinka played the 10 000th game in her birthplace, Bekesszentandras, participants competed with the 84 year-old player on 46 boards. The average number of players she faced with in her simultaneous exhibitions was above 30 and the highest number of players in one event was 103.

The most intense period of her playing in simultaneous exhibitions was between 1980-84 year, right before her retirement from work that was closely connected with chess events. The first occasion in which she played the simultaneous was in 1957 in the Netherlands. She worked for the MEH (a Hungarian company engaged in metal, paper, etc. waste collection and disposal) which organized colorful actions among children to promote waste collection and recycling.

Most of the events included chess games in simultaneous play and Brigitta Sinka was not only the organizer of the events but also the player and the recorder of the events for the company. During the years, she met several young players who later became well-known in the Hungarian chess life and achieved championship results like Bela Perenyi, Julia Forgo, Zita Rajcsanyi and Julia Horvath among others.

President of the Hungarian Republic recently awarded Brigitta Sinka for her sport career as member of the national chess team and for the excellent tournament results as well as for promoting chess as sport and entertaining activity among young and adults.

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