A few weeks ago, I publicly stated here that I will run for the USCF Executive Board in the next election. I also asked some people that I feel most qualified to help US Chess and the USCF in various capacities to join me.

My messages are very clear. The USCF MUST be changed for the better!

– The respectability and credibility of the USCF MUST be drastically improved!
– The destructive Chess Politics MUST be stopped!
– The welfare of US Chess and the USCF MUST be the #1 priority!
– The level of professionalism of the USCF MUST be improved!
– The USCF budget MUST be balanced!
– The USCF MUST support and promote all its membership categories! A strong cooperation and partnership between adult, collegiate, youth and scholastic chess as well as military, correspondence, email and Internet chess, etc. MUST be established!
– The USCF MUST establish a strong Professional Marketing and PR system!

Just as we see in the current fiasco between Kramnik, Topalov and FIDE, someone must lead by positive examples. All the personal and unprofessional attacks, responses and open letters did nothing except escalate the animosity and hatred even further. This is precisely what I warned all parties at that time.

That is why I will NOT engage in negative debate nor will I respond to the same garbage in the upcoming election. I also will not allow this kind of nonsense on my blog. My political opponents have repeatedly lied about me as well as attacking me nearly every single day. I have yet to respond once.

Instead of focusing on how to make US Chess and the USCF better or fix all the current problems, they focus on lies and deceit. The same problems occur in MANY national organizations, federations as well as FIDE.

It is time for the chess community to stand up, take control of our sport and make it better. It is time to unite for the best interest of CHESS! Our industry is not big enough to survive this kind of internal destruction.

In the spirit of the Holidays, I ask chess politicians to please think about the welfare of our sport. Let’s work together and do positive things to make chess better! Let’s put CHESS first!

It is Saturday Open Forum! The Forum is yours!

Happy Holidays and best wishes to all!
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