I have been asked countless times where chess fans and enthusiasts can follow my chess news and updates? I use a number of sites. The main one is right here on www.ChessDailyNews.com. There are about 15 or more new chess items everyday, including puzzles to help you with tactic and endgame, etc.

I do frequent updates on two other sites: http://www.polgargirls.blogspot.com (chess news and information for girls) and http://www.texastechchess.blogspot.com (chess news and information for SPICE at Texas Tech University and the Knight Raiders Chess Teams).

I am also on Facebook. I have 3 main FaceBook accounts and a cool friends page. Unfortunately, the first two accounts have reached the 5,000 friends capacity. I can no longer add more. Here is the only account which I can accept friend’s requests: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001061623148

Here is my cool friends page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Susan-Polgar-Cool-Friends-Page/201896903081?ref=ts

One other place I do chess updates is on Twitter. Here is my twitter page: http://twitter.com/SusanPolgar

Please keep in mind one very important thing. I do receive over 1,000 messages, comments, and emails daily. Therefore, it is impossible for me to respond to all. However, I do read as many as I could.

There are many tournaments going on this week: The World Junior and Girl’s Championship, Rising Stars vs. Experience, China vs. Russia, Efimenko vs. Naiditsch, Gyorgy Marx Memorial, French Championship, and many more.

It’s Saturday Open Forum. What would you like to discuss? The forum is yours.

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