It’s Saturday Open Forum. The Baku Grand Prix is near the end and Grischuk is leading with Gashimov and Wang Yue 1/2 point behind. Gata Kamsky is in 9th place coming into round 11 today.

IM Larry Kaufman just captured the US Senior Open by defeating IM Igor Foygel in the last round. Larry scored 5-0!

The 2nd Annual SPICE Cup will most likely be a category 15 (over 2600 average FIDE rating).

GM Onischuk, Alexander 2728 USCF / 2664 FIDE
GM Miton, Kamil 2703 USCF / 2620 FIDE
GM Kaidanov, Gregory 2697 USCF / 2596 FIDE
GM Kritz, Leonid 2667 USCF / 2609 FIDE
GM Akobian, Varuzhan 2666 USCF / 2601 FIDE
GM Perelshteyn, Eugene 2623 USCF / 2552 FIDE
GM Hera, Imre 2599 USCF / 2524 FIDE

Average USCF rating so far: 2669
Average FIDE rating so far: 2596

18 GMs have already inquired about the final 3 spots which will be announced in due time.

What would you like to discuss? It’s Saturday Open Forum. The forum is yours!

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