It’s Saturday Open Forum. A lot of things took place in the past 7 days.

Irina has an Open Letter to protest the US Women’s Championship results 9 days after the tournament ended. Here is her letter. Anna has yet to respond.

Shirov took a shot at the Topalov – Kamsky match with his own open letter here. Not to be outdone, Kamsky’s management fired back here. I spoke to Gata on the phone a few days and all I can say is you cannot always believe everything you read.

Yesterday, FIDE President Ilyumzhinov personally guarantees $935,000 with $750,000 going to the players. Hopefully everything will be finalized and resolved soon. This will be an exciting match.

GM Joel Benjamin made a comment about why some of the top players declined their invitations for the US Championship. You can read it here.

Morozevich has 5 wins and 2 draws after 7 rounds in Sarajevo against a field of 2680 average. His rating is now unofficially at the #2 spot in the world and he is closing in on 2800.

Carlsen defeated Leko in game 4 of their rapid match in Miskolc to lead 2.5-1.5 at the half way mark.

Anand got by Vallejo Pons in blitz tie-break at the Leon Advanced Chess event. Ivanchuk is up today against Shirov. It will be an exciting final no matter who wins.

It’s Saturday Open Forum. The forum is yours. What would you like to discuss?

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