YEREVAN, DECEMBER 24, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian chess school palys its steadfast role in the international “stage”. Phenomenal play in our chess team was always characteristic for thrice Olympic champion Gabriel Sargsyan. “Armenpress” is summing up the current year with the new vice-champion of Europe.

– How would You characterize the current year and what are Your expectations from 2013?

– The current year was very successful for me. One of the most successful years of my career. During the current year I became the winner of two individual tournaments, as well as the Chess Olympiad and in the end of the year I became the vice-champion of the European championship. In the respect of awards this was the most successful year for me. I have rather good expectations from the coming year. Notwithstanding it’s not easy to say whether it will be as successful as 2012 for me or not. Usually every year cannot be successful.

– Everybody is speaking about the unity of our chess team. What is the secret of your unity?

– Actually it depends upon many things. It’s of a certain importance who is playing in the team at that time. Everything can change if a new player comes to the team. All the members of the Armenian team are very close and dedicated to each other. When we win a tournament we share everything equally. We are doing that all to maintain amicable atmosphere.

– If there is a suggestion to play in another country, under another flag would You leave our team?

– It depends upon a number of questions. Although if I had such a wish, I would have realized it long ago, as there were numerous occasions for that. Actually it’s rather difficult to play in the Armenian team, as one should spend a lot of time in airplanes. I am sure that all the chess-players, who are currently playing in the team, will remain here. Those who wanted to leave have already done it. (THE FULL VERSION OF THE INTERVIEW IS AVAILABLE IN ARMENIAN)

Interview by Varvara Hayrapetyan


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