Afiche OPEN 2015

The 2nd San Salvador Chess Open is scheduled to take place from 5-10th December, 2015, at the Palacio de los Deportes Carlos el Famoso Hernandez in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The 9-round Swiss event is organized by the Federacion Salvadoreña de Ajedrez and offers $8000 in prizes.

A total of 103 players from ten countries are registered to take part in the tournament. Among them are 5 Grandmasters and 6 International Masters.

Prior to the tournament, the organizers held a 20-board simultaneous exhibition with GM Evgeny Romanov.

In the previous event GM Hannes Stefansson and IM Gudmundur Kjartansson (both from Iceland) shared the first place.

Participants (top seeds):

1. GM Tiviakov Sergei NED 2610
2. GM Ortiz Suarez Isan Reynaldo CUB 2601
3. GM Romanov Evgeny RUS 2590
4. GM Escobar Forero Alder COL 2513
5. GM Barrientos Sergio E COL 2482
6. IM Baules Jorge PAN 2392
7. IM Minero Pineda Sergio CRC 2384
8. IM L’ami Alina ROU 2347
9. FM Chavez Estevez Hayler David CUB 2344
10. IM Arias Lemnys A. ESA 2318

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