This was a thriller match. IM Monika Socko is the top Polish female player. Her peak rating was 2505 and her peak world ranking was #9.

WGM Sabina Foisor is one of the top female junior players in the world. Both her parents are IMs. Her peak rating was 2386 earlier this year. I have known her family for more than 2 decades.

The players drew game 1 and 2. Sabina won game 3. Monika won game 4. Sabina won game 5. Monika won game 6. Sabina advanced to the 2nd round by drawing the Armageddon game! Monika protested. The appeals committee over ruled the arbiters and awarded the win to Monika!

Congratulations to Sabina! Sabina is expected to be in Lubbock, Texas in 3 weeks to participate in the SPICE Cup Festival. I also expect her to attend TTU in the fall of 2009.

* Update: It seems that the Polish delegation has filed a protest. The arbiters are meeting now.

Here is the update by chessdom:

17:35 CET

Sabina Foisor explained to the interpreters that she claimed a draw before her flag fell, but the arbiters have postponed the decision. They still have the right to declare the result after one of the players forfeits on time.

18:05 CET

Monica Socko filed a complaint and Appeals Committee is now meeting to reach the final decision. The Committee’s Chairman will later elaborate the outcome at the press conference.

18:40 CET

It seems like the Appeals Committee has reached the verdict. The press conference should start shortly. Earlier, the arbiters have asked the press officers for a FIDE Handbook printout.

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